Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"All of the smaller (but often more taxing) hassles of life resolve the
same way. You are having a family disagreement that goes on for
months. You torture yourself looking for a way out of a problem. You
try things to resolve the issue even though your heart tells you it
wouldn't be happy with such a solution. You don't listen to yourself
and make yourself more miserable. Then one day you're in the shower.
You're not thinking about anything, not even washing. You are in what
we all refer to as auto pilot. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the
answer flashes at you - "big as a billboard." Every cell of you knows
it's the right answer, too. You use it. It works.

Accept this pattern. Learn from it. You will save yourself all kinds
of time and heartache. You will waste fewer days beating yourself up
looking for solutions to problems before the answer are about to give
themselves to you. And perhaps there is a reason for the wait. For in
waiting, we learn.

Life is constantly demanding solutions to one thing or another.
Nevertheless, stay calm, control your urges, and actively wait: Go for
a jog, take a drive, chop wood, listen to music, wash and put away
dishes, sweet a floor - anything you can do to slowly get your mind
off the urgency. If you have to, act as though you have already taken
care of the problem, until you actually do - just to get your mind off

Be attentive. You will be amazed at how easily solutions come.

Waiting isn't easy, but acting when the time isn't right can make us
vulnerable and further our distance from what we are trying to
achieve. We don't have to judge or justify. We can make a conscious
decision to simply act as if all will be fine as we wait for life's
openings to manifest. Our job is to control the urge to strike - until
the target is right, to live attentively, enjoy our lives, and wait
for the right moment. Truth will come."

Taken from "Be Like Water" by Joseph Cardillo.

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