Monday, March 14, 2011


Hooo- wee! Things certainly got busy all of a sudden. I'm sneaking a quick break between responsibilities to indulge myself with my favorite blogging past time.

It's funny how life goes in circles. Today I stumbled upon Ryan's friend Fitz Cahall's where about on the Dirtbag Diaries and a big sense of longing to be in the mountains, surrounding myself with the company of old growth trees, big craggy monoliths, calloused hands and simple pleasures. The non-stop rain has put me in a little bit of a frenzy to get out into the nicer weather, out of the city and out of the confines of buildings. Me thinks everybody might be feeling it..... hurry up spring!

The moto is up and running - time to fill my saddle bags and hit the road if only for a day hike. Why are mountain vistas and standing atop the peaks of the earth so attractive? A sign I've been at sea level for too long.....

Funny, I had no intention of starting this entry that way. I meant to touch on how RAD it felt to be racing again. How I love being an aggressor in a race, easily shuffling through the ebbs and flow of the pack, seeing friends, sensing and knowing when someone will attack and easily responding. How sprinting at the end, nearly blacking out from the lack of oxygen to my brain and knowing that I physically gave it everything I had, made me feel so alive, so powerful and so mortal all at the same time. My poor teammates got to hear me spout out how much I LOVE RACING!!!!! How addicting it is, how good it feels to move my body and sprint. It has only been three months since I last raced, think how they must feel?

Well, back to work for me. Just thought I would say hi. HI!

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