Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Warrior

It's been a while since I did the weekend warrior thing. You know, when you wake up Monday morning and feel like you need another weekend to recover from your weekend. Time well spent, I think.

On Friday I got a raspy phone call from Liz saying she was on the fence about skiing the next day. She said she would call me in the morning and if I didn't hear from her, then could assume her Subaratti would pick me up at 7am. Saturday morning I awoke to blue skies and had the "I'm going skiing!" jitters. Plus I checked the snow report for Crystal and they got 8" since they closed the lifts the night before. Blue bird in Washington? Totally rare.

We were on the lifts by 9:30, heading straight for the back side and deep powder bowls. The terrain back there is double black diamond, for the most part - so it keeps out the hordes of people. We were two girls telemark skiing - and grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't hear the hoots and hollers from the lift over my giggles - Liz told me about it the next day. She also took some sweet video and all you can hear is me laughing. The more I laugh, the more I tend to crash. It's a vicious cycle. Thankfully she didn't catch my yard sale on camera. Why do you have snow all down your jacket, Jen? I dunno. Somebody was throwing snow balls at me from the lift!

The views from the top of the lifts, at 7,000 feet are stunning. Mt. Rainer, Washington states tallest peak looms in the distance, with only a valley separating us. Days like this only come once in a blue super moon.

We skied for four hours straight. And as the day wore on, the temps rose and created Washington concrete snow. Even my quads of steel were screaming by 1pm. Plus the Snorting Elk was calling our names for lunch.

The next day a long hard ride was on tap. 4.5 hours total - covering May Valley and the quiet farm roads in the area. It was a little windy and provided a great chance to work on my mental strength. Headwinds are good for that. Tailwinds make you feel fast and strong, whereas the opposite make you feel puny and weak. :) I got home around 3:30 and took Makiah on a nice long walk into Fremont to get something for dinner. A perfect way to cap a great weekend.

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