Thursday, March 10, 2011

It would be easy.... skip that last late night workout. The clock neared 9 pm, and thoughts of just heading to bed did cross my mind. But champions are made a day at a time. And I suited up to hit the rollers for the third and final push of the day.

It's crazy the cycles you put your body through to achieve optimal performance. At some point or another, the realization that most people would never workout for 4+ hours a day, ride their bike in the morning, lift weights in the afternoon and then follow it with another ride is mind boggling. And I suppose by most standards, we competitive cyclists are an insane lot. It's almost as if those triple day workouts are completed just so we can say we did them. And judging by the amount of daily commuters I see dressed in Shower Pass jackets, riding to work through the downpour with swaying buddy flats hanging from their permanent rain fenders - they know the addiction too. Or at least they can appreciate as well as wear the badge of honor affixed to their soggy chests from doing something most people wouldn't dream of.

This weekend is all about bikes. A race in Sequim on Saturday, followed by Tricia's Pros and Hoes start of the season kick off dance party and then by Bike Expo on Sunday. It's all about two wheeled adventures and celebrating the people who battle the rain, the wind, the sometimes snow - all in eager anticipation of the warmer days of spring and summer. It can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned!

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