Monday, March 07, 2011

Coming out of the wood work....

The early spring bulbs emerging out of the ground are a reminder that it's time to start waking up from hibernation. It's time to start making a bigger effort to connect with friends and to strip down to one layer of leggings instead of three on the bike. Next weekend is day light savings - which means longer and longer after work outdoor adventures in the natural sunlight. I'm already concocting an epic summer solstice adventure...

Regretfully, I missed Mason Lake's annual World Championship kick off on Sunday - as the temperatures were comfortable AND dry. But judging by how long of a nap I took after our shortened group ride yesterday, I think I made the right decision. I foresee some pain and suffering in my very near future. Like next weekend.

Up next? Le Tour de Dungeness in Sequim, WA. Why funny you should ask about my early season fitness... it's coming. Slowly. My beach muscles are starting to show off my "There's nothing like a Sausage Party shirt" - which just translates to looking good on the bike, not immediate performance. Oh boy.

So - who has been doing their homework? Who battled out the training through the cold, wet winter months in pursuit of spring glory? Who stayed disciplined and true to the rotation of the pedals while the sane people took to the mountains and went skiing? We shall see, we shall see!

Reports to come!

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