Friday, March 18, 2011

March maddness

My mom and I arrived in Bellingham, just in the nick of time. The party started at 7pm, with food being served right at 7:45: Trish's amazing, hearty home cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage, RRRRRrrrrrrrutabagas, carrots, treacle farl bread, onions, and potatoes. I definitely overate. So did Makiah. She was the lone dog at the party, licking plates, begging for scraps, smiling for nuggets of treats. We both had a corned beef hangover this morning.

And the dreams I had? Wacky, wild and weird. And judging by the noises Makiah was just making while she sleeps on my office floor - she's having them too.

There were so many highlights from last night - the food, the company, the pregnant ladies (especially Camille who has an amazing party trick - she can balance a cup on her protruding belly!), the music, singing Big Strong Man, Boundary Bay's IPA on tap poured by head brew master and old friend, Anthony Stone, the gathering of a community. And the moment of silence we took for the people in Japan before the festivities began. Powerful. Meaningful.

I can't forget to mention Tom and Craig jamming out to an audience, not missing a beat as we departed yet acknowledging us as we said goodbye as they continued with their epic guitar riffs. It was definitely worth getting home super late, stuffed to the gills, and then walking to work today.

This morning I noticed the curly willow in my backyard is sprouting bright green leaves. YES! There's no stopping it now.... spring is coming!

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