Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rest week

Ah, a rest week. There's no better time then the present to catch up on those neglected home owner obligations. And Spring in the Pacific Northwest demands attention with rapidly growing grass, green moss on my back porch (making it slicker than snot to walk on with cleats!), trees that need some delimbing - just to name a few. If you hear some swearing and muttering coming from Wallingford don't look at me.

And what better way to pay my respects...

An ode to the power washer:

Hooked up to a water supply
Engine primed and gassed up
Relentless pulls on the starter cord
Result in obscene mutterings.

Dressed in overalls, muck boots, gloves and glasses
I'm prepared to go to battle
In the war against moss, pine needles, slug trails and lichen
Maybe I'll win, if just for an afternoon.

The loud drone of a two stroke
And spray from dislodged dirt
Makes me very thankful
I don't do this for work!

Next up? Ode to the curly willow: the messiest tree in the world. Oh the excitement!

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