Thursday, March 17, 2011

I go the the gym three days a week, two hours a session. My routine varies from legs to upper body, and back to legs. Three days: three ways to get stronger. I don't mind putting time in at the gym, I actually look forward to time spent there. I enjoy it even more now that I have a Nano to listen to and hip beats of Girl Talk, Bear Hands, The Black Keys, and various pod casts with trip hop late night beats. It keeps me company as I do the repetitive movements and work.

Today, as I sat on the exercise bike doing my obligatory cool down, I watched a boat push a wake through the water of the canal that connects Lake Union to the sea. As I watched the bubbles of water settle down behind it, I had one of those realizations that I'm enjoying what I'm doing, right here, right now. And that the more time that passes between life's major events, the more I'm getting comfortable in my own skin.

Time is the ultimate healer.

Happy St. Patrick's day to all you Irish folk out there. I'm heading up to Bellingham to go to Trish's annual shindig and sooooo looking forward to her legendary corned beef and cabbage and soda bread. YUM!

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