Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who is helping me through this. Cam wrote a very dear piece on Ryan that has me sobbing tears. I miss my Ryan.


Stoked said...

Not for posting. Just wanted to send much love and hugs and prayers. -Martha & Mick

John Stiles said...

I often think of Ryan when I know I'm just giving something a half-hearted effort. He will remain an inspiration for me. You will be in my thoughts. Much love, John.

Brian said...

Love you girl, Ro and I are here for anything you need at all.

Annette said...

Jen, we are so sad for you. Our thoughts are with you as you process thru this horrible change to your life.
Loved the article you linked in.
Great pics of Ryan as he would want to be remembered!
Annette and Kenny

Jenny Oh said...

I heard about your loss through the Hellyer community and I wanted to extend my sincerest condolences to you. We're thinking of you and let us know if there's anything we can do for you...Warmest wishes, Jenny

jillita said...

We love you, Quadzilla. You have a world of love behind you that's going to help you through this, one day at a time. - Jill B

Anonymous said...

My Condolences to you Jen, Robert Trombley

veloleo said...

Dear Jen,
I am grief stricken at learning of your loss. Martha and I send you our condolences and grieve with you. You are such a lovely person and it is just wrong to have such tragedy after such elation. At the very least, Ryan died doing an activity that he loved - going for it! That is the hope of us all.

Take care of yourself and we hope to see you again. You are always welcome to stay with us here in Santa Clara.

Leo and Martha

Matt said...

If there is anything I can do to help let me konw!

marco said...

we love you. if you need us we are here. are prayers are with you.
mark & miranda

Nicola Mann said...

I'm having a hard time typing this. Derek and I send you our love. You have a great community of friends and family that are here for you. I know your heart will be wrenched for a long, long time but I thought I would share a recent Ryan experience that was typical of the adventure he clearly loved and his open and friendly nature . Two weekends ago on Foggy Dew we ran into Ryan and a friend of his. He was so friendly and made a point of saying hi to me. We climbed up to Cooney Lake in perfect temperatures and enjoyed a snow squall at the top! The singletrack descent had us grinning all the way down. It was a perfect day and it was made more fun by sharing it with someone who was as excited by it all as we were!

Much Love,

iwp said...

Also not for posting:
Clay and I are thinking of you. There isn't anything we can do or say to make you feel better, just know that you have people that love you and will understand you need time and comfort. Love, Iona and Clay

Michelle Stiles said...

All our love, prayers, and thoughts. Take care of yourself in these days. We are all thinking of you.

Buttercupyaya said...

Jenn my thoughts are with you. I can't imagine what you are dealing with right now. Try to keep your head up and rely on those around you.
also...I have several photos of Ryan from here at work. If you would like them, send me your email address. you can contact me at work

Leslie McBryde said...


I will miss Ryan's smiling face as I pass him in the halls at the PRH office. Most of us dream of being as truly gifted as Ryan. He truly lived non stop.
I know it is of small consolation during your time of unimaginable grief, but he was lucky enough to go out doing what he loved the most.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

Miss you Ryan!!!!

Leslie A McBryde
Pacific Ridge Homes

Anonymous said...

Your love will equal your grief. Bless you in this suffering of deepest love.