Saturday, September 06, 2008

Avoiding the melt in San Jose

As mentioned before, it is HOT here in San Jose. Record temps have hit the area for several days in a row now - with no sign of it cooling down while we're here. To be honest though I'm LOVING it!

Thursday was a little let down - after losing two straight sprint rounds with Jen. The first one she had quite a jump on me and although I battled with her all the way to the line - she just had more umph in her sprint. I spoke with Stan Gregg afterward and we came up with a game plan for me to take her long. I think she anticipated it - for our first two laps were super fast and then I just didn't have enough in me to come around her. But at least I made her work! I hope I was able to at least help her prepare for Elite Track Nats in early October.

Yesterday we had a day off and headed West to Santa Cruz. As soon as we dropped over the mountains, the temp dropped down to 64 and fog. We strolled around down town and ended up in a hat shop where we both bought 3 hats each. And of course Mr. Tucker had me laughing my eye balls back on our way back as he attempted to wear one of my hats on his over sized noggin. Part Simpson character, Sloth from Goonies and goofy - I was rolling!

I don't race until late tonight in a combined field points race. So I met up with Jason and he took me to this great wood fired pizza joint in Santana Row. Best meal I've had all week - hands down! Thanks again my friend!

It was great chatting with him and talking about our passions. Funny how life can be strained until you decide to make the change and do what you love in life. Things just sort of fall into place after that.

Also spoke with Ryan - he's been at our cabin in Mazama having a blast. I miss him though! Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

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