Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soaking it in

As I sat at Gasworks on our daily walk, Makiah and I both laid next to each other and took a brief cat nap. And something struck me - I want to go to the mountains. Ryan would not have spent such a beautiful day in the city - he would be out making the most of the weekend. So my plan - ride in the morning and then head out for a day trip to the mountains.

I decided against going east to Spokane. I think it was the right decision - my heart feels so tender and I know that would evoke some serious emotion - it always did even when Ryan was right by my side. I tossed a coin and decided if I was relieved on its outcome then that was what I should do. And when I tossed a tails - I was relieved. I hope Carrie and Josh will understand.

Headed out to a spa tonight with my neighbor Jo and her sister Lucy for an evening of scrubs, soaks and relaxation.

Also went to the best toy store in Seattle - Top Ten Toys in Ballard and spent a solid hour playing with toys and came up with part of my Halloween costume. I'm abandoning the Wonder Woman idea in exchange for something creepier and more ghoulish. Mmooowwwaaahaaaahaaaa.


jaimie said...

I just LOVE your spirit!!

Anonymous said...

hey,someone told me about your blog and i really appreciate you letting us into your world. A ghoulish halloween costume??? AWESOME!!! The more crazy it is, the prouder Ryan would be!!

Brian said...

It was great to see you yesterday morning.

Your laugh is as infectious as always