Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Containing my excitement!

Before the memory fades into oblivion - I thought I'd recapture the days events. It's not every day you win a National title - let a lone your first USA Cycling Masters title as a first year master - so here goes.

Woke up very early this morning to head to the track in time for Guy's 3k pursuit. He's racing in the 35-39 category and has a pretty competitive field! It was his first pursuit EVER - so he set a PR. Then we sat around and waited. And waited some more - then more. And as we waited, the temps rose. And rose and rose. And the humidity lowered to 14%. Ouch. This Washingtonian is definitely not used to that type of dry heat!

I was dead last to go in the morning session -- which turned into an afternoon session (kick off time right around 2:30pm). There were only three of us ladies in the 30-34 category and Jennifer set a fast time of 2:39. Next thing I know, I'm lined up and zooming out the gates. I roll on top of the gear pretty quickly and try to settle into a pace. Guy was yelling splits - and Earl was telling me if I was winning or not. It was great! And then with one lap to go I felt like my lungs were on fire and couldn't breath at all. I rode a 2:37.00 - not bad considering it was my first 2k! But I so badly wanted to drop the national record to below 2:32. Oh well! Maybe next year. ;)

Afterward I laid right down. I couldn't talk. I couldn't drink. I felt dizzy and ready to hurl. After ten minutes of wanting a lung transplant, I started to regain consciousness - though it took me a while before I felt like I wouldn't throw up each time I sat up. If that's what a National title will take - then I'm so hooked! But I swear it felt like I took minutes off my life today.

We're killing some time back at Leo's house before the evening session where Woody will compete in the 2k, and Eric Waterman, Aaron Levin, Matt Holdstrom (sorry if I botched that one!) will give a go in their points races. Guy and I are brown bagging it from the stands... It should be entertaining!

Tomorrow is the sprint tournament and then my points race was moved to Saturday...



Anonymous said...

Congrats! Don't think this means I'll be any nicer when you try to fight your way into a Keirin line, though.

Wine Gidget said...

Congrats Jen...that is just awesome!