Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kicked ass today in my first cross race by placing 7th out of 80 women. Not too shabby for the second time on a cross bike and in the rain! One thing's for sure - I can suffer. :)

Thanks Sharon - you've inducted me into a counter culture that is AMAZING. Mud, cornering, jumping over barriers? Loving it!!!

Was bummed I couldn't share it with Ryan though...


Dana said...

You inspire me. To come out with your head held high and throw yourself into a new sport...and still have the spirit to smile - what a beautiful thing. It was such fun racing with you today; if we just work on our mounts, we'd be awesome! Take care, my friend...


Anonymous said...


I read your blog daily. I just wanted to let you know that Ryan saw you today, even if you didn't see him he was there, he will always be there just not in the physical being that he was. I know that that sounds cliche, but it is true. He is your angel now, and he will guide you through everything that comes your way because you two ARE SOULMATES!!! Keep up the good spirits, and keep enjoying life, Ryan would demand that you keep being you, right?
Erin Doucette
my personal email address is if you ever want to chat privately, or just share thoughts outside of the blog. xoxoxoxoxo

Nel said...


I truly admire your positive outlook on life! Take care!


Anonymous said...

you always have a spot at the joe bar tent if'ns you want to come hang out at cx races!
great work on sat