Monday, September 29, 2008

Got to see Seattle through a different perspective yesterday, thanks to Guy. I was yearning to head East to the mountains via motorcycle - but he twisted my arm to go flying. And we picked the perfect September day for it.

Small planes are a trip to take off in. We quickly climbed to about 5,000 feet as we soared over the city on our way up to San Juan island.

The dogs were nestled in the back seat - can you tell how stoked they are? Makiah is definitely giving me the "look."

Originally we were headed straight to the San Juan's but Guy proposed flying closer to the mountains so we headed East and flew near the Sister's of Mt. Baker. Check out the alpine lake we discovered.

We buzzed by the ridge line, which brought back fond memories of summitting that area with Ryan and Greg back in '98/99. I remember scrambling on the ridge line, at one point frozen in place from fear of falling one way or another. Ryan talked me out of my hysteria.

We then headed to Friday Harbor and had a seafood feed - which included Oysters. The restaurant over looked the harbor - it was so relaxing. We headed out at sunset and I couldn't get enough of the view...

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jaimie said...

Like your mom says, " We love that guy Guy." How awesome to be able to do such a fantastic trip on short notice. I am glad that he is such a great friend.