Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering Ryan

Last night we talked about Ryan's service that will be held Sunday at 4pm in Volunteer Park amphitheater on Capital Hill. Rather than be gloomy and super sad - we sat around the table laughing about Ryan's funny quirks about showing up to formal events in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. So we decided - that's the required attire. Points go to those who have the most original t-shirt. Feel free to come in leprechaun attire too - Ryan would be so proud.

There will be a slide show with photos, videos, etc set up at the park. If you are interested in speaking - please send Marcy a note at (holla(at) There will be an open mike time as well.

Our intent is to really celebrate Ryan - in his style. We'll be headed to a pub a short walking distance from there where everyone is obligated to buy a pint of IPA in his memory.

Hope you can make it - and please spread the word.


veloleo said...

Juice Momma,

here are some photos of you doing what you love!


Anonymous said...

Jen- I can't find the words to write, I am just deeply sorry.Yes, I will be there Sunday with my flip-flops on. I have had a few IPAs in the last couple of days in memory of Ryan. The blogs written about Ryan are wonderful and I hope you find the strength in them to get through the tough times. My heart does out to you. See you soon. Love, Kim C.

bluecolnago said...

so sorry for your loss.