Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Last time I checked, today is Halloween.

Yet when I wore my fish head costume into work - riding my bike over Fremont bridge, waiting for the bridge to go up and down, waiting at the light on the Queen Anne side that takes FOREVER - only one lonely person honked and yelled. Where's the spirit? Does it only come out at night?

Saturday night Ryan and I were treated like rock stars. Today - nothing. Maybe it works better when there are two loonies out and not just one.

But that's not going to stop me. Maybe next time I'll go naked with just my fish head on. Surely I'll get some honks then.

On a serious note - today I do power testing up Cougar. The pain and hard core dedication begins today. Fun times!!!! I'd do it with my fish head on but the head wind in the tail would prevent me from swimming upstream as quickly as possible. Make sure you honk if you see a fish head riding around today. It'll make their day.

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