Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Track natz day one

Arrived into LAX yesterday afternoon and almost upgraded our rental car to a Hummer. Ha! Ryan would have died. If we weren't staying for so long we might have seriously considered it. Can you imagine? Bright obnoxious yellow with shiney rims to match.

We hooked up with Dan and then Jimmy - to discover my head set disintergrated. Apparently they give up the ghost after two years or so - and luckily I didn't have any events today so we were able to get it fixed by Andy the Shimano rep. What a stud. I owe him a bottle of red wine because apparently he's overloaded with beer.

Dan is a rock star. He made the final four in the pursuit with a time of 4:45. He's stoked!!! And he won a championship for the U23 classification. Excellent!!! Jimmy has a scratch heat this morning and we're headed back to the track to root him on.

More to come....

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