Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday morning I woke up early, all excited to get on my bike and do some hard fast efforts on the track. Only to arrive and discover the track has 4 Saturns parked on it, yellow tape across it and a 3" think electrical cord running across it. Silly me, what was I thinking? So I headed down to Golden Gardens to do my efforts and was reminded how hard it is to simulate the track. :)

No worries though - I still made it count and the legs are feeling good! I finished my fish head last night too - just in time for us to leave for LA and Toronto. I'm really looking forward to some down time with Ryan.

Then last night Melinda and I headed to Hagen Berman's Starcross at Marymoor. Cross looks like an awesome sport -super fun and those pro men make it look so easy. Kabush came out too - he ended up third. Sundt put on a show with his young teammate who at one point had a nice lead. But nothing really got away from the lead group of 9 guys. One unfortunate soul had his tubular roll off his rim near the front of the course and had to run the entire 2 miles with a bike slung on his shoulder to the pits. He was looking strong too and putting on lots of attacks. But his attempt was in vain. I wonder if he ended up in 9th anyway - that group passed everyone a couple of times.

Cross looks like it humbles most people. It's a throw down sport - and that really appeals to me. But after track I'm resting until the winter training starts. Maybe next year?

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