Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dan's Bronze and Gold Medals

Dan rocked the 4k pursuit final in the bronze medal round. He also won the gold for the U23 classification - he's floating on cloud nine!

Unfortunately Jimmy narrowly missed the scratch qualification. Which may have been a good thing because at about 20 laps to go in the final 5 guys crashed and one poor guy had to be taken to the hospital with a head wound. Scarey.

I did some flying efforts to feel out the right gear for the mass start test and hit the nail on the head first try in a 50x15. Ryan timed me and I made the 500m in 33.5. Then I'll just need to settle in and get er' done with 6 laps to go. It's time to push myself and express 100% of my ability.

headed to the track....

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