Monday, October 09, 2006

scratch race

I've been laying awake in bed for the past hour replaying and reliving the scratch race in my head to try and digest and learn from what happened. First and foremost - this year was the strongest women's field at track natz for a long time. To have to have qualification heats says a lot about sheer numbers. And also that each heat is stacked with the nations best track racers. I'm excited to have experienced it but somewhat dissappointed in my own performance. I was hesitant and did not express 100% of my ability. I know I had the fitness no problem but I wasn't willing to take the risks necessary to go for winning moves. Why? Maybe lack of experience, maybe fatigue and mental defeat. Something I can certainly train for next year though. Someone once said, "You can keep making mistakes, just never make the same mistakes twice."

I ran a large gear for the scratch race -51x15. My legs felt a little tapped and tired from the previous night. But all in all I just didn't have the grrrrrrr required to make it go. Damn. It makes me hungrier.

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