Friday, October 06, 2006

By the skin of my teeth...

This morning we had the points race qualification heats. I didn't sleep well last night because I kept rolling my mass start test lameness over and over in my head. Plus the pressure was on to make the race tonight so I had some serious anxiety. I think I only slept a total of 7 hours.

I got a really good warm up this morning though on the track. I hadn't quite reacquainted myself with the track so it was nice to do some hard efforts and feel the wood out. The transitions are sooooo smooth - you seriously can't feel them. I sat on a motor for several laps - just to wake up my legs and remind them that they are fast and I did train all season for this so HELLO!

I was in the second heat. The first heat contained World Champ Pursuitist Sarah Hammer - so it seemed like everyone was watching her every move. She really dictated the pace of the race and got her points early - leaving the rest of them up for grabs. I couldn't really watch that closely though - super nervous. We lined up at the rail and the pace was fast from the get go. I kept getting boxed in time and time again during the sprints so my fate was decided in the last go. Luckily I made the sprint and was the last woman to qualify. I almost was taken out by Laura from lipton - she came down in the sprinters lane and almost chopped my front wheel. My right foot actually came unclipped - and I had a wavering moment where ladies behind me were squealing - but i managed to clip back in and handle myself for the second to last sprint. Phew! That was a close one.

Our final points race is going to be screaming fast. I'm uping my gear and playing a completely different game this time. Should be fun and exciting!

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