Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cougar Test

It was chilly yesterday - high of 44. Miller and I talked and I'm ready to get down to business with training so yesterday I headed out to Cougar Mtn to do the shallow side and put out some serious power. I managed to get on my bike by 3:30 pm - knowing full well I would be riding home in the dark. So I strapped on my lights, pumped my tires and got a flat before I even left the house. Good thing it happened at home. I changed it quickly and was out the door trying not to burn all my candles on the hour and and half ride out to the base of climb.

This is the first test I've done where I haven't psyched myself out - and really put the pedal to the metal. I made it to the half way point in 18 minutes - not bad! Last year my PR was 25. I summited just as the last sliver of sun set over the Olympics - in 37 minutes. I made up the most time in the first section - now I need to work on continually putting out the power in longer duration. I was pretty happy about it but from here on out I have to do some serious threshold training to improve my power.

The ride home was SLOW - but it was cool doing it on Halloween and seeing all the kids out trick or treating. Oh I remember those days. MMMMmmmmm candy.

Miller was going to put on a training camp this upcoming weekend for his athletes - which I was uninvited to. Apparently it's a guy thing and unless I want to sleep on the floor - NO THANKS! - then I get to battle my threshold training solo. Even Molly is staying home. Manfest 2006 continues on...

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