Wednesday, November 08, 2006

beta or not to beta, that is the question

I really struggled on the bike today. I had the past two days off after a three day block and I feel like my legs are lead weights and they just won't put out the power my mind is trying to tell it to. And because I'm so damn competitive, I start getting down I'm not reach my specific interval. I pulled over, called Mr T and had him do a pick me up. And really, it is all in the mind of the beholder. After having a border line panic attack - and consoling with Ryan - I was able to pull it around and get in another solid effort. But that was all I had in me unfortunately. It just wasn't my day today.

These LT efforts are much harder than I initially thought - especially when fatigue starts to set in. I'm just working on the adaptation phase - and soon I'll be solid again. It's hard - but it's supposed to be. Truth be told - I ate like crap yesterday which is probably the reason my legs feel like shit. No more cookies, chocolate, mango and ice cream all in one day. What was I thinking? BINGE....

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