Thursday, November 16, 2006

Poor puppy

Did hill repeats on Juanita today. On my way down the shallow side I noticed a scared sweet puppy on the side of the road. I yelled at it to go home and continued down the hill, thinking it had just escaped and was looking for a cyclist to bite. Turns out it was a run away and while I was coming back up the hill my heart sank down when I saw a bunch of cars stopped on the road - honking. Luckily the little pooch was still ok - just scared and in the middle of the road. I called her over and searched for a missing collar. This woman pulled up in a BMW - she was going back to work and saw the dog in the middle of road and was concerned as well. My only option was to go to a neighbors house and call the humane society. But she did a good deed today and took it to her house, put it in her backyard with her dog and was going to call the humane society from home. Who knows - maybe she'll keep it? It was a sweet and really cute dog. But it's middle name is Hudini.

The repeats went well - some random guy in a white Buick honked at me and flipped me off for no apparent reason. I just laughed. :)

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