Monday, November 27, 2006


So this weekend while most of America was at the shopping malls adding to our obesity and over consumption problems, Ryan and I headed to the mountains. After our big extravaganza on Thursday and a late night, Josh, Molly, Ryan and I went to Crystal to get some turns in. They had a lot of powder - and although we didn't make it there until noon, we still skied our brains out and had a blast. Talk about being sore the day after though!

Saturday I went on a team ride - good thing too because it's now chilly out side and threatening snow. Do you consider 3 people a team? We did some mileage but I had a really hard time warming up and was thankful when I got home and we had clocked 50 miles. I came home to a trashed house - but who cares? It's all my mom's china and stuff anyways. It'll go back eventually.

Because Sunday was supposed to be snowy at sea level we decided to head north to Mt. Baker. Boy were we in for a treat. Powder was piled up to our thighs. We had a cut a trail to get down the mountain. It was amazing. We skied all day - despite Ryan's fogging up goggles. I have missed skiing so much since I started cycling. But all of the pedaling has paid off because I'm in the best shape of my life and things just keep getting better! It makes me smile just thinking of what a great time we had at the mountains. I wish I was better about taking a camera with me. All I can bank on is my memory - and creating more powder memories in the future!

The drive home was LONG. It snowed all the way to Bellingham. It took us 3 hours in what normally takes 1. But we made it home safe and sound and were sound asleep by 10. Nice. Let the recovery begin!

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