Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Workout Windup

This is my heavy week for training - a good track push before I settle down, get some recovery time in and then attempt to kick some serious bootie at nats. For all of you trackies -here's a break down...

Monday - road threshold day. 6x6 min with 1:1 recovery.
Tuesday - Fast Track - 3x3k fly, 3x2k fly, 3x500m SS, all undergeared. OUCH!
Wednesday - AM Road Threshold work 3x10 min OG Z3/4, PM - Race
Thursday EZ
Friday - Race with the 1/2's
Sat - 3 hr road ride

Last week by the time Friday rolled around I was pretty worked from all of my pursuit training. Hopefully this week my body is adapting to the increased load and I will be able to work on sustaining an even harder work load. I've been eatting well - mmmmm heirloom tomatoes! and trying to load on the carbs before a big effort.

It's cloudy today - I wonder what's up with the weather.

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