Monday, August 28, 2006

Rain rain, go away!

Yesterday morning - rained out.

You know it's bad when every 5 minutes that National Weather Service interrupts a broadcast and flashes an emergency warning of flash flooding in the area. I am already looking into flights home. I'm thinking about adandoning ship and just heading home - cutting my losses so I can save some cash for a different trip. The forecast says it's supposed to be cloudy the rest of the week - and it's a tough call but I would hate to have flown all the way out here only to have about 1 hour of track time and no racing. As soon as it's a decent hour I'm going to call Ryan and let him know my plans. If I can get on a flight tomorrow for a reasonable price then I'm out.

Marc and I toured downtown Philly yesterday. He tried to take me to the infamous Philly Cheesesteak but the line was out and around the building so we opted for this gigantic piece of Italian pizza. They sure do know how to make pizza around here. We got to see the Liberty Bell - they make you go through a metal detector just to view it. Strange. And they have all these barracades around all of the buildings. Marc said it's been that way since 9/11. I can't believe it's been 5 years since then. Apparently some crazy dude recently streaked buck naked through the Liberty Bell exhibit and tried to ring it with a hammer. Hence the metal detectors and security.

It's humid here. We walked for hours yesterday around the city - from Marc's favorite bar to another. I definitely recommend bringing good walking shoes not flip flops if you come visit. Everything's flat so you can traverse things easily - but flip flops aren't so good. I am itching to get on my bike.

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