Friday, August 18, 2006

fantastic friday

Last night Ryan and I went on a date. We went to see Double Take, an art exhibit showing at the EMP. There were pairings of paintings from Paul Allen's personal collection - from Monet to Lichtenstein. As the curator repeated over and over again, it was fantAAAstic! Definitely worthwhile and cool to check out. I think the show's running thorugh September.

Afterward we were headed to Bizzarro's for some yummy Italian food but they were closed for a private function. Too bad - they changed their menu recently and Ryan has been dying to get in there and check it out. Luckily the Latona pub has excellent food and tastey beers on tap... a good standby when you're starvin' marvin'.

Earlier in the day I met up with my friend Nina for a short hour spin. It was good to be on the bike with her - and she reminded me just how crazy things got before I desided to start racing. In one summer I did STP (210 miles), RSVP (185 miles) and RAPSODY (145 miles). Holy moly. That's a lot of mileage - especially condensed in one day! How did I manage that one? I'd die if I had to do that now. :)

Actually, I really enjoy the long rides for the sheer fact that it feels so good to be off the bike and rehydrating/fueling. It makes those 100 mile road races a piece of cake!

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