Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some not so random thoughts....

Last night I had a 3/4 mental break down. I'm not sure how it snuck up on me - but suddenly I found myself slightly paniced and wondering if all the intensity I've been doing is really going to benefit me. I was tired and fatigued and found myself in a conversation that created doubt in my training and ability. After finishing a 5x5 points race with the Master's men field I started getting really harsh on myself. When you've been working so hard toward something and believe in what you do - well let's just say it was a slap in the face. A reality check of sorts. Tears welled up, emotions ran wild.... I almost broke down. Thank goodness Ryan was there to encourage me - he dusted me off, picked me up and reminded me again that it's the long term goals that I'm after. Pain and suffering is part of the process.

"Why do you ride your bike?"
"Because I love to."

And that's all that matters.

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