Saturday, August 26, 2006

Speaking of wa wa's...

So I arrived late last night in Philly - after waiting for about 2 hours for my bags and bikes at the airport, shelped my stuff to the Hertz Rental counter, and was told there's not really anything to eat in the immediate area other than Wa Wa's. And speaking of Wa Wa's - this one just down the street through the turn pikes and other freeways and byways is a SUPER wa wa. They carry everything - from bandaids to whole wheat sandwhiches. Naturally, I was intrigued. But one swoop around the maze of roads surrounding the Philly airport resulted in me back tracking and going through arrivals. So I called it a night and headed Northeast to Trexlertown.

This morning we had Keirin heats - and it didn't go so well. For some reason I just have trouble with getting on the motor. Remember my last incident in Colorado? That little relegation for not taking the wheel fast enough? Well this time I pulled lucky no. 1 and had to take the motor. I was going to at all costs. Until this other woman beat me to it and soon I found myself on the aporn and DQ'd. I pleaded with them - but they weren't willing to reverse their decision. Oh well. I felt like an ass. But then comes the beauty of track racing - you get to try it again in 5 minutes! And try I did - we had a heat of 8, and of course I drew lucky no. 1 again. But this time I fully let someone else take the wheel. I sat in the back, jockeying for position, to take a huge flier around the side but to no avail. Oh well. The keirin, much to my competitive streak's unwillingness to give up side, is just not for me. Stick to what you're good at, right?

Well unfortunately that didn't pan out tonight. We were misted out. This weird rain ensued on the drome and all races were cancelled after several hours of waiting. We were post-poned till tomorrow morning but the forecast isn't looking so hot. Lame.

Good thing I have wonderful host housing and am going to visit Marc the shark tomorrow!


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