Monday, August 14, 2006

mellow monday

Do you ever have the feeling that if your life wasn't full of events or things to look forward to during the week you might go stir crazy? I am driven by goals - small and large. I have to be constantly working toward something or I will find something to occupy my time. Fortunately I set my professional life up to a point that it requires minimal thought, energy or stress - and am just reaping the benefits. I mean really, who wouldn't enjoy 20 hour work weeks where your commute is 1 mile away, the environment is super supportive and everyone there enjoys what they're doing? It's a dream job. So waking up Monday morning feels just as good as waking up on a Friday. And what used to be a ridiculously long work week has now shrunk to nothing. I know, it's disgusting.

Ryan's in Durango right now working with some fellas to get a top secret program up and running. Sounds like he made some great progress with them as well as experienced their local mountain biking scene. He called and told me he was single tracking it with Walker Thompson, this local bad ass, and he took a corner too hot, lost control and bashed into a boulder injuring his hip. Poor guy! What's he trying to do riding a bike? Just teasing. :)

Sunday I hung out with my mother in law Trish and we went to the Asian Art Museum to see Night Sounds: Nocturnal Visions of Mark Tobey and Morris Graves. It was amazing. One of them lived near La Conner in the 40's in this handbuilt house on top of a bluff where the only access was to climb up the bluff into the house. He was isolated from people, industrial sounds - and surrounded by the ocean, animals such as owls, fish, etc and painted some amazing pieces of a northwest winter. This one painting really struck me - he captured the turbulant black water that is constantly moving, only highlighted when it peaks and catches the moon and disappears back into the black abyss. Art is so amazing when seen in person.

And yes, for the record - I did do some yard work yesterday. This morning I'm headed to the dump to heave our mammoth lame counter top Ryan disassembled. Fun times. :)

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