Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My itchy dog

Tufts of hair scamper across the living and dining room each time you walk through. As quickly as I vacuum them up - they return with the ting ting ting ting of Makiah itching her ear due to seasonal allergies. Poor d.o.g. Yet she continues to scratch - trying to shed her super long fur in one last attempt to cool down for the summer. I did douse her for fleas - but to no avail. She truly has allergies.

This week is a rest week. It's been nice but I find myself bored silly with finding things to do to fill my time. I actually got desparate enough yesterday to clean my kitchen floors! I know it's disgusting that I don't clean them as much as I should. I mean honestly, two times a year is not enough. But who has time to do such lame chores? At least I scrub the bathroom on a regular basis. That would get really gross if I didn't.

Ryan and I have been making winter plans to do some dry wall and finish off our basement. We actually shook hands on it. (Meaning, right now we have every intention of doing what we said, vs. the last two winters where we only talked about finishing it. ;)) We have all this space downstairs and all we have to do is hang a little more dry wall, mud, tape and paint. It's ridiculous how we procrastinate. I swear if I win the lottery or something I would hire someone to do the projects we just can't get to. Then I'd really be bored!

That picture is from Makiah at her "spot" she digs everytime she accompanies Ryan to Little Si. She digs herself a comfortable hole and then lays down in the dirt. We caught her with a muzzle full of dirt - look at her expression. Like, don't mess with me jerks.

speaking of Jerks - Miller called Dan and I jerks yesterday after we lodged him in a port-a-potty out at the track. He didn't like that - we thought we were being hilarious. Whoops. Sorry there coach! At least we didn't tip it over. :)

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