Sunday, June 18, 2006

Us against them...

We had a Seward park crit this morning going counter clockwise. And believe it or not - our field was actually pretty big! Both TGH and Wines were strongly represented and both had two breaks that made it up the road. One was reeled in by their own teammates and the second one managed to get a 45' gap on the field. TGH and Wines both slowed down the pace siginificantly so the rest of us had to do the chase effort. We all should have talked before the race to make a counter game plan - but unfortunately we didn't. Maybe next time.

Racing with the fellas sure is paying off. I can feel the harder efforts in my legs and they don't scream at me as much as they used to. I'm not saying today wasn't painful because it was but I really think my form is coming along. Bike racing is so much fun.

Here's a shot Amara took at the track on Friday. It's funny - I have such determination when I race track - you have to with the guys or else next thing you know you're spit out the back.

I like the second shot too because you can see the downward motion of my pedal stroke.

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