Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Have you ever woken up Monday morning after a weekend adventure to feel like you've been hit by a train? your whole body aches - legs throbbing, arms feel like they could and should fall off your body, back tight, legs so heavy you can barely lift them enough to walk, and you hope and pray it's not a normal Monday at work which requires mental capacity? Yet something about making your body that worked, that fatigued, felt so good that on Tuesday, once the muscles have calmed down and your recovery is well on it's way... doing it again the next weekend already sounds appealing. :)

Yes, I'm addicted to cycling.

But no, I'm not doing any wicked long rides this week. The longest ride? 3 hours - tops. The terrain? Flat as a pancake. The pace -negative zone 1. As much as I'm ready to go again - most of that is due to adrenaline and it would be silly to attempt anything ridiculous after such a long SR. Good food, good sleep, plenty of relaxation and I'll be well on my way to this weekend's grand prix.

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