Saturday, June 24, 2006

Despite everything...

So despite the little seat slipage yesterday - today I pulled it around. The TT this morning was a 10 mile out and back - on a rolling course that was downhill on the way out. I felt great - despite the achy knees and issues yesterday. :) I felt fast and imagined cutting through the air like a knife. Using imagery and keeping focus and repeating positive affirmations worked like a charm. I ended up with a time of 25:36! Excellent... excellent.

Then tonight we had our crit - and in between stages I went to the hardware store and found something to make my seat clamp work. Well it worked for about 16 minutes and then my seat slammed down to the frame again. I ended up riding it out and placing well. Tamarack did great - chasing down attacks and winning about $350 in primes! Not to mention the winning of the stages that we get to pick up. Saweet!!!

The best part was calling my mom and she always answers the phone... "are you a weiner?" And I got to answer - YES! Twice!!! Hearing her scream in delight was priceless - I love hearing that. Thanks mom - your support means the world!

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