Saturday, June 17, 2006

Double Duty

Last night was the usual Friday night track series. I told myself that I would always race with the men, and if need be, race in the women's field to keep women's track racing alive at Marymoor. We have had low attendence in the women's fields - I sure wish we could convince more women to participate... and they are out there, it's just making them aware of track, I think.

The men's field is strong this year. Some say it's faster than the end of the season last year. There's a 18 year old phenomonononon Yuri who is smoking the field and keeping the tempo up. And then there's the half dozen or so other competitors who keep the races action packed. Then throw in a bunch of other men who fill the gaps in between - no sketch riders this time around though.

We started with an unknown distance race - basically you don't know when they're going to ring the bell for a sprint at the end. So to spice things up, I threw two attacks. You never know if they'll pan out - but why not go for it? It definitely livened things up. And apparently due to my short hair, I'm being mistaken for young Ryan Miller. Both attacks were unsuccessful - but if you don't keep throwing them and testing yourself to the limits, then you'll never know how far you can test yourself. I ended up in one of the last positions - but stoked.

Immediately back up to the rail, we had a women's 10 lap Win N' Out. Unfortunately we had a crash about 3 laps into the race. People kept pulling up the track - and I kept coming under to keep the pace up and make them work. Well on the last attack, I heard the crashing noise of bike parts slidding on concrete... down went Deb, Tamara and Amara. From Amara's account, (she was in the back), Deb saw me attack and went down track without looking taking out Tamara and Amara landed on top of Tamara. Poor Tamara cut her head and was rushed to the hospital to get stitches. I hope she has a speedy recovery! Deb had a sore neck - possibly whip lash - and Amara bruised her right side. They had us restart - now with 6 riders instead of 9 and Emily threw a sweet attack - gapping the field. She had a great jump and was able to hold off the field.

Back to the rail after the Kiddie Kilo and two 1/2 races for a 12 lap Snowball. That race is all about pain and suffering. Unfortunately I got behind a failing engine, which resulted in me being gapped from the main field. Dang. So we just pace lined around and around the track. Lame. Nick made the move around the guy and I got pinched, resulting in lameness. Oh well - you win some you lose some. Actually, come to think of it - I learned that valuable lesson again in another context... so all is not completely loss....

Back to back - women's race... miss n' out. Fun times. I conquerred that fear and was able to win! Yeah! Emily and I went head to head in the final sprint, I jumped early and she wasn't able to come around me. Our field was small - but fun. Ingrid and James were there and they cheer so loudly - it was great.

Then the final races - a 4 x 4 progressive. On the first sprint I was able to get some points following the lead of Erik who threw a great attack. I'm checking right now to see if I nabbed any points for 2nd place... nope. Denied. Oh well. After that the field caught us and I struggled just to hold on. But I finished the race - which increases fitness.

Last race - women's 6 lap scratch race. Emily threw another stellar attack and as a team, we chased her down. Alynda pulled, me second and Taylor came around to chase her down, nearly pipping Emily at the line. It was a great attempt. I got to bring home some money as a result and get some points in the women's series. It was Taylor's last night - she's headed down to LA to train.

There's some great upcoming races that I'm really looking forward to... Colorado, Elkhorn, AVC, Superweek, Gastown, Boise... and my form is coming on.

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