Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dialed in

I had my TT bike fit to me a week ago and got an opportunity to try it out today on the Burke Gilman trail. The seat feels a lot higher compared to all of my other bikes - but it feels stellar when I get into a tucked position. My average speed was 17.8 on a zone 1 ride. I can't wait to try it out during a time trial - and next weekend I'll get the opportunity. I also bought some pursuit bars and take my track bike in on the 28th to have that position simulate my tt bike. I look forward to the challenge of tt'ing and pursuit - strange, I know.

Got an EXCELLENT massage this morning. My back knot is shrinking and Genevieve was actually able to work with it today. Usually I cringe too much and it's impossible to touch. And my $30 foam roll is working on my muscles - I wasn't nearly as sore today. (Granted I got a my last massage in the peak of stage race season....)

Mom's gone again to Honolulu to stay with Gam. I haven't heard from her so that means they must be getting along. We leave for Colorado on the 30th - should be fun!

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