Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Giving back

Last night I attended the weekly NWWC group ride that leaves every Monday at 6 from Gasworks. We had a huge number of women show up - 12 to be exact. But there was some confusion because Michelle had asked CBC to lead the rides and hadn't informed me of the situation. It worked out well - and I personally felt better as CBC requires a rider release form to be signed to protect themselves from being sued due to any mishaps. We cruised down to Seward park and back - and some of the women commented how fun it was to go faster with a group of women downhill vs. a snails pace. It was great being surrounded by women who are excited to be on their bikes and are actively taking their health and well being into their own hands. I hope they show up again!

It's been raining since Sunday off and on. I'm not sure what the dealio will be with the track tonight but I'm contemplating PIR as well. Jill and Sile are headed down there - which can only mean a barrel of laughs!

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