Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Motor Pacing

So last night I discovered that my front zipp 404 has a bunk tire on it. Apparently the nozzle inside of the deep rim was screwed on too tight and got stuck. I tried for countless hours, which only increased my mounting frustration, to unscrew the nozzle. Finally I gave up and requested that Ryan pop the tire so I could reglue it. What a process taking an old tire off a rim is! I've already logged in about 8 hours of scrapping time and probably have a least 2 more in just prepping the rim for the next glueing. I swear I should find some meth addict and have them tweak out in it.

Almost done.... and then the wonderful process of gluing.

This morning we (being Grant, Chris, Adrian and I) headed to the track for a morning motor pacing session. Miller showed up and lead the way on the Keirin bike... ramping our speeds up to about 32. For some reason my legs are not fully recovered - I'm wondering if that's because I didn't ride yesterday to spin them out? A sure sign that my body is certainly adopting to be being on the bike.

Later tonight we head back to Fast Track for a evening session. I'm so excited that track season is here. But I'm feeling awefully tired right now - could I still be feeling the effects of the weekend jaunt? Maybe I need more down time than I thought. :)

Headed to Elkhorn on Thursday. Unfortunately driving it solo. 6.5 hours in the car - time to update the music in my play list. I heard the crit is super fun though - so we'll give it a whirl!


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