Sunday, April 03, 2005


a little drained this morning while the reality of yesterday's mission and accomplishment settles down on me. it's raining outside right now - like an old comforting friend who you just can't get mad at because they only know how to be themselves. at least today there's a goal - not only racing in the rain but going for some prize money.

i'm surprised no one else blogs - their loss really. i find it's an excellent time for reflection and something i can look back to and remember that tool is in my toolbox, no one elses. who knows if anyone actually reads them - but i do. and that's all that really matters.

so refelection on yesterday - that is one bad ass course. it has it all - hills, flats, descents, chert, smooth pavement and don't forget tons of rain. i'm looking forward to doing it at a fast pace. the scenery is gorgeous. it's a maddening course though - it can really break someone down. I had my moments of utter anhiliation (sp?) and then really really good moments, which luckily far surpass the humility. i can't wait till summer.

i think cyclist are a crazy bunch of people. they do what no one else would even dream of doing and then some. who in their right minds would go ride 6+ hours in a full down pour? well guess who - yours truely. i had a moment on dewatto hill where my smile was pure insanity - you couldn't mistake that for anything else.

today is another race - looking forward to it - and looking forward to it being over. i'm pooped.

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