Sunday, April 10, 2005

Boat Street Serving up some stiff competition...

My lungs were handed to me on a silver platter today. They looked battered, athesmatic, wheezing and had a tight fist clenched around them. I managed to hang with the big girls for 9 laps and slowly, slowly, slowly got kicked of the end. And once my lungs were toast, I couldn't find the energy in me to continue. I am learning that crits are a skill - all of those girls out there had at least 1+ years of experience and were there to throw down. Maybe it was rookie on my behalf to even show - but I am that much stronger because of it.
Another thing was gearing - I misjudged my gearing. I could have saved my legs had I transitioned more between my small and large front cog. Also - I need to stay more in the middle of the pack - to the front in order to conserve more energy. Funny how I didn't start in the front because everyone told me not and to get behind a wheel - which may have prevented me from reading the group more.... I could think of a million reasons. But the main thing is today brought many valuable lessons. Stay in the front - get in the right gearing, get in my drops more and bring my inhaler. Oh and one more thing - warm up longer before the race and watch out for psychos. You know who I'm talking about!

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