Sunday, April 03, 2005

tahellya and first crit

my oh my, what a HARDCORE training weekend. yesterday was challenging with the rain and climbs. i will definitely get 39-25 gearing for the race. all in all though it was good to preride it... at one point i fully accepted my insanity, embrassed it - and used it to complete the ride with a huge smile on my face.

needless to say i was tired this morning when i woke up. and i made the mistake of not eatting enough yesterday. my body needed it - that's for sure - but i just couldn't stomach it. i can work on that - and will for the next time. i did use a recovery drink and i think that saved my ass for today.

i woke up - detailed my bike - and then crashed a little. i let doubt enter my consciousness - which was mistake #2. with it pouring down rain this morning, i wasn't that motivated to back into it. but i pumped up the volume with some modest mouse, thought about the good times, and was able to talk myself and my teammate Melinda into racing too. i didn't warm up adequately... which was another small mistake - but easily curable.

amara had made hops on the initial sprint - and lisa chased her down. then i made a mistake of pulling for two laps - no one was going around me. note to self - soft pedal next time, conserve energy and let those blood sucking letches do all the work. and around and around and around we went. while amara and lisa placed a perfect attack - i will remember that for next time.

i did keep a smile on my face the whole race - my body handled it. my mind played tricks on me. i will have to work on that. but placing 4th is humbling - and i am grateful for it. i even got to tell a new rider a suggestion - not to pull out crazily in front for the safety of those around her.

next time - more rest. no long 75 mile rides the day before. my body is not ready for that yet. and my achilles started to let me know. also better nutrition - i ate like shit this week. no more ding dongs :P

highlights - climbing hills, and hot tubing when i got home - twice!!!

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