Sunday, April 17, 2005

A huge triumph in spite of defeat

That is one helluva race. Holy Cow. 5,000 feet elevation gain in 62 miles. I must become a billy goat. I want to show those little spry girls that is all they are - little girls. Please teach me how to climb.

As far as the race goes - I was dropped after the first hill with Amara, Melinda and Carol. We managed to arrange a paceline to rejoin... of which, Carol and Amara pulled away first and Melinda lagged behind. Determined to catch the group - because I could see them in the near distance, I got down in my drops and hauled ass in time trial position. You can imagine the officiants surprise when he saw me pull back up with the group solo. That was my moment of triumph. It felt incredible. "Where did you come from?" resonnated throughout the group. Nice.

It was kosher from there - until the loop at the halfway point, and while climbing back up that hill, the women just pulled away. I couldn't make my legs pump any harder. I knew mentally they could go harder - but they wouldn't. I know right there, that's my weakness and I am going to try like hell to reverse it. I want to become the Lancette Billy Goat. From that point on, I regrouped with Melinda and Carol - and the headwind was probably 20-30 mph. Super wearing. Which meant the lead group was getting it as well. If we tried hard enough, we thought we might be able to catch them again. However, one Holly Hill came - my legs pulled the same trick. But on the bright side - I strengthened them yesterday. Ryan said that once I got back to the car and pulled my knickers off - they looked so freaking buff - I put most cat 1s to shame. Oh if only you could win races by the extruding veins in your legs! Ha!

I am happy with my result. I was able to hang with the big girls for 2 hours. It was awesome. It's not that much different than what I'm riding now - but I need to learn how to climb.

This morning I'm off to a crit. It should be nice to spin the legs out. Thanks for your support!

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