Friday, April 08, 2005

bumpy burke

Rode the burke today - up north. I met a guy on BRI - Lief who seemed to have a negative attitude toward racing. It was funny in that the more we talked, the more he focused on what he can't do... why he shouldn't do this... so and so was preventing him from being all that he can be...downer, downer, downer. Get an attitude adjustment and start winning. Honestly, people like that should be eliminated from the gene pool. (Harsh, I know.) So what if there is someone out there better than you? Chances are there always will be - so you might as well enjoy yourself and have a good time.

We rode to Sheridian Beach and turned around. He said that if I hadn't of joined him he would have turned around long ago. I asked him about some advise re: getting my teammates motivated and he came back with a "bike racing is so friggin hard." Am I missing something? Is it really that difficult?

Downer people piss me off. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. If something is that messed up - then change it. Why suffer? Enough said.

I was just stoked it didn't rain today. :)

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