Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spin cycle and rest day

Yesterday morning I woke up bone tired. I laid in bed and ached all the way to the bone. My muscles weren't sore - but my whole body was. I went for a short ride in the morning and then lounged at work and had an easy evening.

The team met last night at my house - we de-viriginized the new dining table. We talked about Tahuya and Seward. And now that I have had a day to think about TST - I am kicking myself for not trying harder and going faster. Those hills and the headwind decimated the pack. Had I continued in time trial pace I might have been able to catch someone, use their energy and then continue on. Melinda got it - she used my body mass for a rest and then climbed Holly Hill like a champ. I should have tried catching up to her. I have developed a mantra - "Faster, faster, get on her wheel." I hope it works.

Then there was Seward - where I should have savored my strength for the final climb. Instead I was burning my candle in the preceeding laps. Rachel and I were off the start like a bat out of hell and my teammates free rode the pack in trying to catch us. Doubtful if they will pull that manuver again. I just hope if I see one of my teammates off the front in a break - I will be smart enough to hold up the pack.

I'm still processing it all.... thank you for the encouragement - I look forward to sharing this with you in person.

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