Friday, April 15, 2005

Getting ready

I have the logistics pretty much figured out for tomorrow. Tonight is just a double check to make sure everything is in order and in the van, waiting for tomorrow.

Weather wise - it's going to be a wet one. 100% chance of precip - but I'm prepared - more than most for that type of weather. I'm debating whether or not to put my temp fenders on... I think I'm going to be soaked regardless so who cares.

Since I'm probably going to be riding this one without any teammates - any suggestions? I know I want to follow the strong girls - and I'm getting to know who's who. We'll see who shows and is brave enough to fight the wind/rain/hail. Last time I road it rained a quarter inch. Saturday it may rain up to 1 inch. But I'm ready for whatever may come.

It feels like I'm getting ready for war. I imagine this is what soliders feel like before deployment. I've trained - mentally and physically for tomorrow. I'm ready for the show-down.

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