Wednesday, April 27, 2005

strayed from my training program...

Jill made me do it. On Monday we went for a longer ride than I had anticipated (2 3/4 hours long). And I'll tell you what - my legs are tired tonight after my climbing efforts. Yesterday I only went out for an hour to try and offset the previous days effort. I promise, I won't deter away from your regime again. Doh!

I am trying to help Jill gain some skills and confidence in the saddle. She's making some progress - but still lacks confidence since our spill while pre-riding Snohomish. We were attempting some hills today in Magnolia - one had a steep three tiered climb and she ended up walking up the third tier. She even admitted to having mentally defeated herself prior to starting the climb. I'm trying to help her break through and defeat the anxiety - but only she can do it. We also climbed GG and headed into the Blue Ridge neighborhood - where I was able to sit on her wheel and coach her along. Her position on the bike is too upright - I told her to unlock her elbows, relax the upper body and use her core more to climb the hill. That's going to be a hard habit to break. But if she can get lower, then her center of gravity and balance will be more solid so descents, cornering and climbing will feel more natural.

It's a tough job - glad you're the coach and I'm not. :)

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