Tuesday, April 05, 2005

avoiding the drizzle

These days that is a hard thing to do. Just when you think the coast is clear - and you get on the bike - a Seattle drizzle starts coming down. I'm convinced that Seward park/Mt. Baker neighborhood gets more rain than other parts of Seattle. Once I rounded Boeing field and climbed back up Lake Washington Blvd - I was awashed with a strong smell of lush green April flowers. Reminded me of how good it feels to be alive.

I've been in a little slump the past two days... I'm not sure why. I should be really happy about my finish on Sunday - but I am no-where close to satisfied with it. I know I shouldn't be so harsh on myself about it - but the disappointment creeps back into my brain. Sure I can use it to make me stronger - but it feels more like a point of weakness. A light may have just gone off - I think I am finally realizing what it's like to have a weakness. And rather than dwell on that weakness, I need to turn it around, strategize it and use it to my advantage. Ah ha! Eureka!

Cycling has such an interesting psychology. I was trying to explain why I do what I do to my co-worker. It's a burning itch inside of me - an animal that comes out to the beat of a drum. It cannot ignore its instincts, it just has to do what it knows how to do. And then I have to do it again - but better and better until it comes to perfection.

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Coach said...


The only weakness you experience is time- you are young to the bike, and just like a child you must allow yourself the proper time to grow. You have all the makings of a champion, and this will show all in good time