Thursday, January 27, 2005


The team meeting, which has been planned for 3 weeks, the one I was hosting at my house, was cancelled tonight via an email sent out at 3 pm. Nice. I didn't get the email until Melanie showed up at 7, drank some wine with me, started wondering where everyone else was, and then checked my email at 7:30. How nice of someone to call me.

It gave Melanie and I a chance to talk. Luckily my house was clean, bathroom, floors, kitchen, etc.... but still that was pretty rude not to get a courtesy phone call. Oh well.

We both discussed the group dynamix - different coaching and training strategies, etc. Our team rides have been guided by a few people's training regimes. I am pretty frustrated with the whole thing. As are some of the teammates who are not being coached by a certain someone.

Anyways - since the house is clean and all of the "honey do's" are up to date, we're having a dinner party Wed. night and would like to have you and Molly join us. Should be fun.

But the challenge will be whether or not you read my blogs anymore. :)

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Coach said...


We'll be there. I'll need directions though..

With the team rides, I am taking it that it is riding at the pace of whatever the team leader wants to ride at. How do you feel it is suiting you? Usually you expect the team ride to be a steady pace endurance ride with riders breaking off to do their own thing when need be, or maybe the team dialing it up for a tempo session.