Monday, January 24, 2005

Sunny Jan 24, 2005

I explored the enormous blog world out there and discovered that my blog is boring. So many people use blogging as a tool to vent themselves - one trapped suburban woman, a bored teenager in no-mans land, Colorado, people from around the world. And here I am logging my obsession. I wonder if anyone has come across my blog only to think hmmmm.... next. While surfing all of the endless amounts of blogs I got inspired. One guy from California wrote about the sun after the two weeks of rain they had - and how he now can relate to use Pacific Northwesterners. Ha! He doesn't know rain. But he does know how to relate his emotions. BLOG.

Speaking of rain - today was absolutely gorgeous. I had a great ride through downtown and saw lots of exposed white skin. I feel so refreshed after the weekend. I had a good yoga practice tonight with minimal inner distractions. During the breathing and centering exercises, my mind continued to drift to this section of Mercer Island where my heart soars. It then drifted to another moment - near Port Townsend - when I was riding just for the sheer fun of it. I know I will be a life long cyclist for those timeless and priceless moments. Where exercise, beauty and grace coexist in perfect harmony.

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